Capsule Filling Machine with Capsule Loade


Capsule Filling Machine with Capsule Loade

Capsule filling machine with capsule loade is an advanced, fully automated device designed to fill large quantities of empty capsules with powders, granules, or pellets quickly and efficiently. These machines are used primarily in the pharmaceutical industry for mass production. Here’s a breakdown of important components:

1. Vacuum Capsule Loader: Stores and feeds empty capsules into the capsule hopper.
2. Powder Loader: Holds the powder to be filled into the powder hopper.
3. Loading Sowing: Positions the empty capsules for filling.
4. Dosing Mechanism: Precisely measures and dispenses the material into each capsule.
5. Control Panel: Allows operators to set parameters and monitor the machine’s performance.


Up to 228000 pcs/h

Appplicable for #000 ~ 5 capsule

15 Days Fast Delivery

Suitable for powder, granule, pellet

How automatic capsule filling and sealing machine works?

The working principle of capsule filling machine for filling particles is to precisely fill empty capsules with the desired quantity of powdered or granular material, typically through a combination of dosing, tamping, and sealing processes.

Main Features

Production capacity 228,000 pcs/h
Applicable product Power、granule、pellet、tablet
Capsule size 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Power 380/220V 50Hz(customizable)
Noise <65DB(A)

Capsule machine size 4 adopts the new type of pneumatic filling, which is better for the material with poor fluidity.

Filling machine pharmaceutical capsule rotary design to obtain a patent for utility model, effectively prevent powder into the internal turntable, no dust overflow pollution.

3800 capsule filling machine is modular design, convenient maintenance and cleaning, replacement of mold only 15 minutes.

Capsule filling machine njp3500 the filling mechanism obtains the national new patent, adopts the three-dimensional adjustment, makes the metering plate evenly force, the adjustment volume is precise and quick.

Main Parts

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