Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

It can automatically finish the production process including capsule separating, filling, locking, unqualified capsule rejection, and finished products output. With the advantages of accurate loading, stable operation and no dust, our automatic capsule machine meets the GMP requirements. It is an ideal equipment for filling medicines and health care products.

Capable Capsule sizes:

Automatic capsule filling Machine is available in 8 kinds of standard hard capsule sizes.
Capsule Size#000#00#0#1#2#3#4#5
Locked Length26.14mm23.30mm21.7mm19.4mm18.0mm15.9mm14.3mm11.1mm
Capsule Volume 1.37 ml 0.91 ml0.68 ml0.5 ml0.37 ml0.3 ml0.21ml0.13ml

(The filling amount may vary because of the powder difference)

How Automatic Capsule Filling Machine works?

Except for just simply injecting the solid ingredient into a capsule, rich packing, automatic capsule filling machine is equipped with working sections and technologies to ensure a smooth and efficient production process.

Capsule Separation

The empty capsules are sowed in to the filling bores and then separated in to caps and bodies using a vacuum.

Ingredient Filling

The bottom of the capsule is moved around to the powder hopper and filled with the ingredients.

Capsule Closing

The top and bottom of the capsule are pushed back together.

Capsule Ejection

Finally, the capsules are complete and ejected out of the machine.

The Complete Range of Automatic Capsule Filling Machines

A wide variety of machine models with different capacities and budgets for you to choose from.
Machine ModelNJP-400C NJP-800C NJP-1500D NJP-2600C NJP-3800D NJP-5500C
Maximum Output 24000 pcs/h 48000 pcs/h 90000 pcs/h 150000 pcs/h 228000 pcs/h 330000 pcs/h
Capsule Sizes Compatibility 000,00,0,1,2,3,4,5#
Power 3KW 5KW 5.5KW 8KW 10.5KW 11KW
Weight 600Kg 900Kg 1200Kg 1500Kg 2200Kg 3000Kg
Dimension 1000×710×1900mm 1100×910×2100mm 1490×1260×2150mm 1650×1490×2150mm 1980×1850×2200mm 2400x2050x2300mm
Not sure which machine is best for you? Our team can provide a proposal based on your needs and budget!

A Wise Investment for Pharma

We are committed to manufacture machines with superior quality to meet GMP standards while with efficient and utility features.

Efficient Performance

High efficiency and performance with patent technology. Its maximum capacity can reach up to 260000 pcs/hours.

GMP Standard

The machine shell is made of food-grade stainless steel while the chamber is sealed with organic glass away from the germs from the outside environment.

Durable To Use

Main digital parts are used with notable and trustable brands in the market, such as Siemens, OMRON and etc. It can last for longer with proper maintenance.

Safe To Operate

With an overloaded system, the device will be stopped intelligently to avoid further damage to the equipment and operator.

We've Got Your Back with Comprehensive Service

Stand by you through the whole process, from choosing the suitable machine to taking good care of it for life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some main specifics that you need to consider, such as capsule size and type, applicable ingredient, production capacity, machine size, and warranty. Due to the cost of the machine is a huge budget, a complete and long aftersale service can help a lot for a long run business.
No. There is no need to change the tooling and it is available with all the material.
CE: Conformite Europeenne GMP: Good Manufacturing Practices ISO: International Standards Organization FDA: Food and Drug Administration
  1. Lubricate cam regularly to keep it in good condition.
  2. Disassemble and clean the filling station to clear the excess material to prevent blockage and rust, after the production is finished.
  3. Add lubricating oil to the vacuum pump regularly and clean up the dust.
  4. Fill enough water over half of the barrel body in water tank regularly.

What Are Capsules Made of?

Capsules can be made of different materials depending on the type of capsule.

Gelatin capsules are typically made from gelatin, which is derived from animal sources, usually bovine or porcine. Gelatin is a protein-based substance obtained from collagen, which is found in animal connective tissues. Gelatin capsules are widely used in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.

Vegetarian capsules, also known as veggie or plant-based capsules, are made from cellulose or other plant-derived materials. Commonly used materials include hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) and pullulan. Vegetarian capsules provide an alternative for individuals who prefer not to consume animal-based products or have specific dietary restrictions.

Both gelatin and vegetarian capsules can be colored using approved colorants for aesthetic or branding purposes. These colorants are typically added to the capsule shell during the manufacturing process.

What Is the Use of Capsule?

Capsule can enclose and protect the contents inside, allowing for convenient and controlled release of the substances it contains.