Rotary Tablet Press Machine

Also called as multi-station tablet press, can efficiently press powder and granules into tablets with diverse diameters and thicknesses. And with customized dies, the ingredients can even be pressed into different shapes for your needs, such as round, triangle, core rod, and special-shaped tablets.


Tablet press machine is available in various tablet shapes for your requirements.

How Rotary Tablet Press Machine works?

Apart from just simply pressing the powder into a tablet, Rich Packing rotary tablet press machine is equipped with working sections and technologies to ensure a smooth and efficient production process.
Filling all the ingredients into the press machines, such as pellets, power, and granule.
Pressing Tablet
Press the tablets into a certain diameter, thickness, and shape for your needs.
Vacuuming Powder
Clean all the extra powder spilling in the machine.
Discharge Tablet
The process is finished. Complete tablets will be produced.

The Complete Range of Tablet Press Machines

A wide variety of machine models with different capacities and budgets for you to choose from.
ModelDies No.Output/hPunch PressureMax.Tablet DiameterMax.Tablet ThicknessDimension(mm)Weight(kg)Total Power
ZP-15D15 18000 120KN 50mm 25mm 1250*980*1650 1850 7.5KW
ZP-17D 17 30600 60KN 20mm 6mm 890*650*1680 1000 3.0KW
ZP-20 20 40000 80KN 25mm 8mm840*1015*1720 1200 4KW
ZP-25D 25 90000 100KN 25mm15mm 1240*850*1850 1850 5.5KW
ZP-27D 27 90000120KN 25mm17mm 1040*910*1690 1600 7.5KW
ZP-29D 29 110000 100KN 24mm 12mm 1040*910*1690 1600 5.5KW
ZP-41/51/55 55 260000 120KN,pre:20KN 13mm 8mm 1220*1120*1980 2100 7.5KW
Not sure which machine is best for you? Our team can provide a proposal based on your needs and budget!

A Helping Hand for Your Long-term Business

We are committed to manufacture machines with superior quality to meet GMP standards while with efficient and utility features.
Easy to Compress
High pressure and pre-loading track to compress material, even those that are difficult to form.
Safety Detection
With overload pressure, the device will be stopped intelligently to avoid further damage to the equipment.
Durable to use
Main digital parts are used with trustable brands in the market, such as Siemens, OMRON and etc. It can last for longer with proper maintenance.
No Messy
Maintain a clean and tidy workshop environment with vacuum function.

We've Got Your Back with Comprehensive Service

Stand by you through the whole process, from choosing the suitable machine to taking good care of it for life.

Frequently Asked Questions

High productivity can be obtained with minimal labor and time. Meanwhile, with several tooling to rotate, the granules/powder can be compressed into tablets of different sizes, shapes and weight.
Type B, D, BB, and DB tooling are distinguished by the diameter of the punch barrel and the outer diameter of the die, which can impact on the size, thickness and shape of the pills. And no matter what tablet you want to press for, we can customize the dies for you.
CE: Conformite Europeenne GMP: Good Manufacturing Practices ISO: International Standards Organization FDA: Food and Drug Administration
Here are some main specifics that you need to consider, such as tablet size, thickness and shape, production capacity, machine size, and warranty. If your tablet belongs to a special shape, it’s important to find a manufacturer that provides customized dies. Due to the cost of the machine being a huge budget, a complete and long aftersale service can also help a lot for a long run business.
Yes, we can provide in-depth customzation service for you, no matter what special shape or sizes you need.
  1. To prevent rusting, the die can be disassembled and soaked in oil when it is not in use.
  2. Clean the turntable and die completely after the whole production is finished.
  3. Lubricated the guide rail, turntable, and die regularly.
  4. The vacuum cleaner should be cleaned in time.

Types of Tablet in Pharmacy

There are four common types of tablets in the pharmacy.

Pills are a general term for solid dosage forms that are shaped into small, and round forms. They can be swallowed whole and typically have a smooth surface.

A caplet is a smooth, coated, oval-shaped medicinal tablet in the general shape of a capsule. They are easier to swallow compared to regular tablets due to their smooth shape.

ODTs, also known as Orodispersible or Dissolving tablets, are designed to disintegrate rapidly in the mouth. They are intended to be taken without water, making them suitable for individuals who have difficulty swallowing.

Film-coated tablets have a thin layer of polymer or resin applied to the surface of the tablet. The coating can enhance the appearance, mask taste or odors, and protect the tablet from moisture or chemical degradation.

piles of tablets

Applications of Rotary Tablet Machine

Rotary tablet machines play a crucial role in the efficient and precise production of tablets across different industries.

Capsule vs. Tablet, Which Is Better?

CompositionGelatin-based shells or vegetarian alternativesCompressed powders, granules, or solid formulations
Ease of SwallowingGenerally easy to swallowCan be difficult for some individuals to swallow
Disintegration TimeFaster disintegration and drug releaseDisintegration time may vary based on formulation
Taste and OdorCapsules can mask the taste and odor of the contentTaste and odor of the formulation may be noticeable
StabilitySome capsules may be less stable over timeTablets can have longer shelf life if properly made
Production EfficiencyFaster and automated filling processRequires additional steps like compression and coating
Splitting/DividingNot easily divided into smaller dosesCan be divided into halves or quarters if necessary
Branding PotentialCapsule color and transparency can enhance brandingShape, size, and coatings can enhance branding