Capsule Filling Machine

Regardless of the capsule sizes and filling ingredients on your hands, we’ve got you covered! Automatic, semi-automatic and liquid capsule filling machines with life warranty are offered to meet your needs.

Classification of Capsule filling Machine

Three main types of capsule filling machine are available for your requirements and demands.
Machine ModelNJP-400C NJP-800C NJP-1500D NJP-2600C NJP-3800D NJP-5500C
Maximum Output 24000 pcs/h 48000 pcs/h 90000 pcs/h 150000 pcs/h 228000 pcs/h 330000 pcs/h
Capsule Sizes Compatibility 000,00,0,1,2,3,4,5#
Power 3KW 5KW 5.5KW 8KW 10.5KW 11KW
Weight 600Kg 900Kg 1200Kg 1500Kg 2200Kg 3000Kg
Dimension 1000×710×1900mm 1100×910×2100mm 1490×1260×2150mm 1650×1490×2150mm 1980×1850×2200mm 2400x2050x2300mm
Model CGN-208 CGNT-209
Output 15000-30000pcs/h 40000pcs/h
Applicable Capsule 000#、00#、0#、1#、2#、3#、4#、5#
Power supply 2.12kw 2.2kw
Power 380/220V 50Hz(customizable)
Net weight 400kg 405kg
Packing size 1640*720*1700mm 1640*720*1700mm
Model CGNL-300 NJPL-100C NJPL-300C NJPL-600C
Output 15000-28000pcs/h 100 pcs/min 300 pcs/min 600 pcs/min
Capsule Sizes Compatibility 00#、0#、1#、2#、3#
Total Power 2.12kw 3.5KW 5KW 6KW
Power 380/220V 50Hz(customizable)
Weight 400KG 500KG 750KG 900KG
Dimension (L*W*H) 1300*800*1750mm 700*800*1700mm 860*960*1800mm 960*1000*1900mm

Not sure which machine is best for you? Our team can provide a proposal based on your needs and budget!

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Automatic filling machines allow continuous production to fill empty capsules with pellets, powder and granule without operating in hands . Multiple units can be monitored by only one operator.



Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine

The production of semi-automatic capsule filling machine needs assistance from an operator by moving the filling plates between the different sections in the process. It‘s more cost-friendly and user-friendly.

Liquid Capsule filling Machine

This liquid capsule machine is fully automatic to fill and seal the liquid and other materials into empty hard capsules. It provides a highly active and insoluble pharmaceutical solution for packaging liquid materials for many large and small pharmaceutical companies and health care products manufacturers.



A Wise Investment for Pharma

We are committed to manufacture machines with superior quality to meet GMP standards while with efficient and utility features.

Wide Application

One machine is available for a variety of capsule sizes from #000 to #5 and other sizes can also be specially tailored. It can also fill solid (powder, granule, pellet) and liquid(oil, suspension) .

High Accuracy

With electronic components from trustable brands in the market, Ruida Packing takes dosage precision to the next level, such as Siemens, OMRON and etc.

Cost Effective

High automation allows mass production in a short time, which can save money from labor.

No Messy Workshop

Equipped with vacuum pump, the machine can clean the powder or granule without mess.

We've Got Your Back with Comprehensive Service

Stand by you through the whole process, from choosing the suitable machine to taking good care of it for life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some main specifics that you need to consider, such as capsule size and type, applicable ingredient, Production Capacity, machine size and warranty. Due to the cost of the machine is a huge budget, a complete and long aftersale service can help a lot for a long run business.
It can be divided into manual capsule filling machine, semi-auto capsule filling machine and full automatic capsule filling machine.
Yes, please feel free to send the data to us and we will provide a suitable solution for your demands. Our machines can cover most of the sizes, and we can also provide customization services.
No. Due to the liquid-filled capsule needs to form with different working process, the automatic capsule filling machine can only available for solid dosage such as powder and pellet. If you want machine for liquid, the machine needs to change the feeder and equip with sealing machine.
CE: Conformite Europeenne GMP: Good Manufacturing Practices ISO: International Standards Organization FDA: Food and Drug Administration
  1. Lubricate cam regularly to keep it in good condition.
  2. Disassemble and clean the filling station to clear the excess material to prevent blockage and rust, after the production is finished.
  3. Add lubricating oil to the vacuum pump regularly and clean up the dust.
  4. Fill enough water over half of the barrel body in water tank regularly.

Capsule Filling Machine Working Principle

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine-Sowing

Step #1: Capsule Separation

The machine separates the empty capsules into individual halves, typically using mechanical or vacuum-based mechanisms.

Step #2: Filling Material

The desired fill material, such as powders or granules, is loaded into a hopper.

Step #3: Capsule Closing

The machine brings the capsule halves together, aligns them, and securely closes them using either mechanical pressure, vacuum suction, or a combination of both.

Step #4: Ejection

Once the capsules are closed, they are released from the machine, either into a container or for further packaging.

What Is Capsule Filling Machine?

A capsule filling machine is a device used in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and herbal industries to automate the process of filling empty capsules with various substances such as powders, granules, pellets, or liquids.

It consists of different components, including a capsule hopper, a mechanism for separating and orienting the capsules, a filling system, a closing mechanism, and an ejection system.

The machine facilitates efficient and precise filling of capsules, ensuring accurate dosage and uniformity. It helps increase production speed, reduce labor costs, and maintain quality control in capsule manufacturing processes.

NJP-1200C Capsule Filler Machine

Main Types of Capsules

Hard-shelled capsules and soft-shelled capsule are two main types of capsules.

Hard-Shelled Capsules

Soft-Shelled Capsules