How To Choose Tablet Press Machine

HZP-40 Tablet Press Machine

Tablets are one of the most widely used and important dosage forms in modern pharmaceutical preparations. This article will solve all your queries on how tablet manufacturers can choose the right tablet press machine. What Is Tablet Press Machine Tablet press machine, also known as tablet machine or tablet making machine, it can compress powder […]

What Is Blister Packing Machine?

blister application

Blister packing machine can pack tablets, capsules, pill, sauce, honey into alu-pvc or alu-alu blisters, widely used in pharmaceutical and food industries.

Type Of Count Bottling Machine

Count bottling machine can count 1.5-40mm tablets, capsule, gummy into bottles, divided into photoelectric and visual, widely used in pharmaceutical and food industries.

What Is Capsule Filling Machine?

Capsule filling machine, it can fill powder, granule and pellet into hard capsule, suit for capsule size #000-5, widely application in pharmaceutical industry.

Types Of Tablet Press

Tablet press machine, it can press powder, granule, pellet into tablets. Can be divided into Single-punch, rotary and double-color tablet press machine.