Gummy Counting Machine: How To Solve The Sticky Of Gummy Counting?

Gummy Counting Machine: How To Solve The Sticky Of Gummy Counting?

What is Gummy?

“Gummy” typically refers to a type of soft, chewy candy that is made from gelatin and often shaped into various forms like bears, worms, or fruits. Gummies are popular due to their appealing texture and the wide variety of flavors they come in.

Soft candy because of its high value and viscosity, Rich Packing in order to be able to accurately count candy specifically developed candy counting machine.

What is Gummy Counting Machine?

Gummy counting machine is a specialized piece of equipment designed to count and package gummy candies or gummy supplements efficiently and accurately. It can count 3-40mm pectin, surga, oiled and sandies into various bottles, the max. output is 50-100 bottles/mins.

How To Solve The Sticky Of Gummy Counting?

Candy counting and packaging with the traditional electronic counting machine is easier to stick together, resulting in the number of each bottle is not the same, if more you may feel nothing, but if one or two less, you will feel that the manufacturer is cheating you, said there are so many, but in reality there are a few less. In order to be able to solve the problem of accurately counting candy, our technicians have made 5 technical innovations for the automatic counting machine, which can solve this problem. Below is a brief description of the 5 major technological innovations:

1.Hopper Roller Separator

Candies are all stuck together in a big bag after they are made, but when you buy them home and eat them they are all one by one. A big bag of candy to be counted and accurately packaged in a bottle, the first step is to separate the piles of candy into blocks, counting with the machine is no exception, our innovation is to add a separating device in the position of the feeding port of the counting machine, before the candy enters the counting channel to separate the candies, just like a mixing head to break up all the falling candies, of course, there may be a leakage of this way, there will still be some candies that are not completely Separate, but don’t worry, this is just the first innovation of candy counting machine for soft candy viscosity.


If your output is relatively large, manual feeding is certainly too late or inconvenient, this time will use the lifting feeder, we also made a change in the feeding position of the lifting feeder, plus a net, the surface of this net is Teflon coated, in line with food-grade production requirements, the grid is customized according to the size of the candies, if you are afraid that the separation is not thorough enough, you can hand the candies in the grid Disperse them, then add them to the discharging port of the counting machine through the lifting feeder.

2.Pneumatic Sliding Piece

When the candy through the hopper down into the counting channel before the design of a pneumatic slider to some of the candy and stick together to disperse, this pneumatic slider is connected to a food tube, left and right back and forth, when the candy through the vibration of the downward movement of the food tube again to separate the candy, and once again to ensure that the candy is not stained together.


3.Gummy Anti-clumping System

Anti-clumping system is one of the most important design, the whole is made of PTFE, contact without pollution, the surface of the roller has a hierarchical distribution of some of the holes, these holes are customized according to the size of each type of candy, characteristics. Gummy into the vibration channel will lead to inaccurate counting grains, which is the most important design of the candy counting machine.

The design of the roller is that each hole can only pass through one candy, to ensure that the candy that has not been separated completely separate, when two candies stick together, the surface of the roller and the vibration plate between the pressure will be generated, to separate the candy that is stuck together, to ensure that the candies entering the vibration channel are separated one by one.


4.Teflon + Dimple Vibration Channel

Entering the vibration channel, the vibration plate is coated with Teflon, which has a very low surface tension and exhibits excellent non-stick performance. Candy moving on it will not stick together again. There is also a small design on the vibration plate with uneven surface, which is to reduce the contact area between the candy and the vibration plate, further improving the non-stick performance of the vibration plate.


5.Enlarged PTFE Bottling Port

The last design is the bottling position, the use of the inverted octagonal design, the material is PTFE, if you carefully observe is can be found, it and the pill capsule counting machine outlet is not only the material of the different, but also larger than it. This is because the candy head is originally larger, if the number of candies per bottle is more, the entire mouth is not enough to fill the number of a bottle, affecting the speed and accuracy of the bottling.


Discharge nozzle is also made of PTFE, because of the stickiness of the candy problem, the discharging mouth is relatively small, which may lead to the discharging mouth clogging, when the bottle enters into the designated position is, the discharging nozzle sets the bottle, and when the candy comes down, it constantly vibrates, so that the candy can be smooth and fast to the bottle.

Gummy Counting Machine’s Trend

The trend in gummy counting machines reflects advancements in technology and evolving industry demands.

1.Increased Automation

Use of robotics and artificial intelligence to enhance precision and efficiency. AI algorithms can improve the counting accuracy and detect any irregularities in the gummies.

2.Customization and Flexibility

Machines are designed to handle a wide range of gummy shapes, sizes, and formulations, making them versatile for different product lines. Features that allow for quick and easy changeovers between different products to minimize downtime.

3.IoT and Industry 4.0

Integration of IoT (Internet of Things) technology, allowing machines to communicate with other equipment and systems for seamless operation and real-time data exchange.

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