DPP-160pro Blister Packing Machine


DPP-160pro Blister Packing Machine

DPP-160pro blister packing machine with the functions of fully automatic forming, feeding, sealing, punching, counting, and batch number coding, It can automatically seal tablets, capsules and e-cigarette into an alu-pvc or alu-alu blister.

Types of Blister Packing Machines:
Thermoforming Machines: Use heat and pressure to form plastic blisters.
Cold Forming Machines: Use pressure to shape the aluminum film into blisters without heating.

Pharmaceutical industry for packaging tablets, capsules, and other medications.
Consumer goods for items like batteries, toys, and electronic components.
Food industry for packaging small items like candies and chewing gums.


Up to 4,200 blisters/h

Applicable for tablets, capsules and e-cigarette

15 Days Fast Delivery

Suitable for PVC、PS、PET material

How pharmaceutical capsule blister packing machine Work?

Except for just simply sealing the material into a blister plate, Ruida Packing blister packaging machine is equipped with several technologies to ensure a smooth and efficient production process.

Main Features

Production capacity 4,200 blisters/h
Max. Shaping Dia. And Depth 150*120*15mm Max. Depth 26mm(custom-made)
Standard Plate 80*57mm
Power 380V/220V/50Hz(customizable)
Noise <65dBA

DPP-160pro blister packaging machine adopts full servo drive, with 0 error in the traction distance, and the maximum traction distance can reach 125mm.

Modular design of the mold, and the installation of a complete set of molds can be completed in 10 minutes.

Capsule packing machine adopts a large platform design, the hand can touch any position, convenient for cleaning and maintenance.

The cam box adopts the modular design of cast steel, the center of gravity of the equipment is stable, and the noise < 65dBA.

Each station is equipped with a digital display scale adjustment device as standard, and the adjusted size and distance are clear.

Main Parts

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