RD-ZH-120W Cartoning Machine

The cartoner can pack blisters, bottles, sachet into cartons. It can automate the process of folding, forming, filling, and sealing cartons.

Cartoning machines are widely used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, cosmetics, and consumer goods.


blister into cartons

Blisters into Carton

bottles into cartons

Bottles into Carton

sachet into cartons

Sachet into Cartons

Various Capacity Model Meet Your Needs

Blister Cartoning Packing Line

It can  fill capsule into alu-pvc blisters, then through the conveyor belt, alu-pvc into cartoning machine’s feeders into carton

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We’re not only making pharmaceutical machine, but also provide packing machinery, such as count bottling machine, blister packing machine and cartoning machine.

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