How to Choose the Right Medicine Packaging Machine

How to Choose the Right Medicine Packaging Machine

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A medicine packaging machine refers to the equipment that used to package various types of medicine into various packaging forms. These machines are usually used in pharmaceutical facilities and can realize the primary medicine packaging and medicine secondary packaging. Choosing the ideal pharmaceutical packing machine is vital for business in relevant industries. These machines can perform functions such as measuring, packaging, sealing, and labeling of medicine to ensure safe and accurate packaging for distribution.

The packaging procedure may vary depending on the type of medication being packaged and the desired packaging format. For some medicine unit packaging that requires secondary packaging, such as medicine bottles, boxes, etc., additional packaging machines can be used for medicine secondary packaging, such as automatic sealing machines, automatic labeling machines, etc. This can ensure the safety, reliability, and convenience of medicine, and also meet different drug packaging needs at the same time.

Common Types

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1. Capsule Filling Machine

Capsule filling machine can automatically complete the procedures of capsule placement, separation, filling, and locking, it is a crucial tool for the pharmaceutical industry and helps to ensure accurate and efficient production of capsules. This kind of pharmaceutical equipment can be widely used for filling and producing large batches of capsules. 

We provide capsule filling machines with different models and productivity according to your needs. The machine has advanced technology and diverse functions, and can achieve various filling types for different filling materials. Our machine, as the primary step in the medicine packaging process, can ensure the accuracy and efficiency of drug filling. Its advanced industrial level and integrated system can help save manpower and material input.

2. Tablet Press Machine

The tablet press machine is one of the important tools in the pharmaceutical packaging process. With the characteristics of stable quality, accurate measurement, the tablet press machine is widely used in pharmaceutical enterprises. This machinery is used to compress powder or granular substances into tablets of a specific dose and shape or thicknesses.

Tablet press machine also come in different sizes and configurations depending on their specific uses. The tablet pressing process can be divided into three stages: filling, compaction, and tablet arrangement. The quality and pesticide effect of the final tablet are influenced by multiple factors such as material flowability and compressibility, etc.

3. Automatic Counting Machine

Automatic counting machine is used for rapid counting and bottling of tablets, capsules, pills, soft capsules, and other medicine of different shapes and sizes. The automatic counting machine has a sound and compact structure, convenience, and high counting efficiency. It usually use vibrating unloading, which can prevent medicine blockage and achieve uniform unloading. Dust in the counting process can be removed through an external vacuum cleaner.

Different specifications of automatic counting machines have different production capacities, with the capacity of approximately 1-60 bottles/boxes per minute. The machinery can be highly efficient, and can count and sort medicine at a much faster rate than manual counting methods. It is also highly accurate, which can help to reduce errors and improve productivity in manufacturing and packaging operations.

4. Blister Packing Machine

The blister packaging machine is a type of packaging machine that is used to form and seal individual blister packages. The machine forms and seals individual blister packaging through processes such as plate suppressing and heat sealing. Bubble packaging is a type of packaging composed of transparent plastic or aluminum blisters, used to keep products or drugs and sealed on the back of cards or foils.

Blister packaging machines work by heating a plastic film, typically made of PVC or PET, and then forming it into a cavity or blister that matches the shape of the medication to be packaged. The medicine is then placed into the blister, and the blister is sealed to a customized card or foil backing using heat or pressure. The machine has high automation and complete functions, and can be used for blister packaging of different materials.

5. Cartoning Machine

The cartoning machine is suitable for packaging medicine boards, hoses, bottles, and similar items, and can continuously operate the packaging work. The machine can complete the automatic medicine feeding, opening, entering, unpacking, and sealing processes of medicine with instructions attached. This machinery is mainly suitable for packaging materials such as corrugated paper, white cardboard, and gray canton. The cartoning process is mainly divided into paper box forming, paper box folding, folding left side pages, medicine packaging, folding right side pages and folding forming. Our machine can automatically discern and grab products, and then accurately pack them into the preset position. It includes an electronic control screen, paper box rack, medicine feeder, and sealer, etc.

Choosing for Your Needs

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1. Production Volume and Speed Requirements

Choosing the right medicine packaging machine for your specific needs can be a complex process. When choosing the appropriate machine, there are many key factors to consider. The two most critical factors are your production volume requirements and the speed requirements of the machine.

The production volume of a machine determines the quantity of medicine it can package within a certain period of time. If your production volume is comparatively low, you may not need a high-speed machine. Conversely, if you have a high production volume requirement, you may need a machine that can package a larger number of units in a shorter time. The speed of the machine is also very crucial. It is also notable to choose a machine that can meet your speed requirements without compromising the quality of the packaging. Therefore,choosing a high yield and efficient packaging machine can improve efficiency.

2. Product Characteristics

Identify your specific requirements of different product characteristics, determine what your packaging needs are, including the type, dose, shape and fragility of medication you are packaging, the packaging format required, and any specific requirements such as tamper-proof or child-resistant packaging. 

Based on the characteristics of different medicine, it is crucial to choose a suitable packaging machine. For instance, different capsule filling machines and filling methods need to be selected for different textures, in the mean time, dissimilar blister packaging machines need to be selected for different medicine shapes. Similarly, different sizes of medicine cartoning machines also need to be matched with different content requirements, etc.

3. Required Levels of Automation and Customization

Based on the production requirements of different customers, you need to choose machines with different automation levels. Manual machines are an ideal choice for low volume production, while semi-automatic machines are suitable for medium volume production. Fully automated machines are more expensive, but they can handle mass production.

On the other hand, most medicine secondary packaging processes require a large number of customization steps, such as medicine shape customization, capsule capacity and color customization, blister packaging size customization, and the outer box packaging customization. If you need custom packaging, please find a machinery that can accommodate custom packaging design, print batch number, expiration date, and other information on the packaging. 

4. Available Floor Space and Budget

After confirming specific packaging requirements, you need to consider the available floor space in the facility. You should measure the space for the planned installation of the machine and carefully acknowledge the machine size parameters, make sure that the machine you choose can accommodate it in that space.

In addition, you should also determine the budget for the packaging machine. Before selecting a suitable machine, you should first draft the approximate range of the budget for purchasing the machine. Once the budget range is determined, ensure that you only consider machines within the price range. In addition to the cost of purchasing the machine, make sure that you are aware of the requirements for maintaining the machine and any additional costs associated with the machine.

Features to Consider

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1. High Accuracy and Consistency

As professional medicine packaging machines, high accuracy and consistency are essential. All machine accessories are customized according to different needs, combined with advanced programs to ensure the accuracy of the packaging process.

2. Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

The maintenance and cleaning of the machine is another crucial aspect beyond product packaging, timely and thorough maintenance is a key link to ensure the operation life of the machine. If any parts are damaged, it should be repaired by professional personnel timely. Hygiene is also one of the foundations of medicine packaging. Cleaning after use is crucial,it because that regular cleaning can ensure the hygiene of the drug packaging process.

3. Flexibility and Versatility

The flexibility of packaging machines is of vital importance, detachable components can ensure flexibility. The independence of components such as material weighing machines and medicine dispensing tables enhances the flexibility of the machine. At the same time, machines that balance multiple functions can increase the versatility of packaging machines, such as machines with both tablet pressing and automatic counting functions, which can improve production efficiency.

4. Compliance with Industry Standards and Regulations

All the packaging machines comply with the standards and regulations formulated by relevant departments to ensure the rights and interests of consumers.

Vendor Selection and Evaluation

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1. Do Research

Selecting suitable and reliable vendors can ensure the quality of the machines. You can learn about relevant product information on the vendors official website, read buyer reviews, compare different vendors and know about their reputation and product quality.

2. Evaluate Machine

Before placing an order, the on-site inspection of the machine cannot be ignored. You can personally visit the machine manufacturer’s factory and have professional personnel demonstrate the operation of the machine. This can quickly familiarize yourself with the machine’s usage methods and also provide an on-site understanding of the machine performance.

3. Check Vendor References

A vendor reference reveal the true nature of the product. Your purpose must be to determine if the vendor is honest and trustworthy, make sure that they are reliable, appropriately priced and performs well.


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In summary, choosing an ideal machinery requires careful consideration of machine types, medication sensitivity, level of automation, customization options, and maintenance and support. Don’t forget to check ideal vendor and its reference. By carefully considering these factors, you can select the ideal medicine packaging machine that meets your specific needs and requirements.


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