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As a trustable manufacturer, Rich Packing brings you superior quality pharmaceutical spare parts, packing machines, and integrated lines with turnkey aftersales service to keep your business prosperous.

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Featured Pharmaceutical Processing & Packing Machines

Whatever you need to fill capsules, press tablets, count medicine & gummy, pack with blister or carton in box, a full range of manufacturing technologies and packaging solutions are provided for your pharmaceutical, health and food product.

• For Size 000 to 5
• For Filling 50-975 mg
• For Powder Pellet

Capsule Filling Machine

Richpacking provide lifetime warranty automatic, semi-automatic and liquid capsule filling machines to meet your capsule filling needs.

• 15,000-950,000 Pcs/h
• For Pressing Diameter 6 - 50 mm
• Max 400KN

Tablet Press Machine

Tablet press machine can efficiently press powder or granules into tablets with different sizes and shapes.

• 15 Min Change Mold
• Alu PVC / Alu Alu
• Max 48,000 Pcs/h

Blister Packing Machine

Blister Packaging Machine automatically pack tablets, capsules, e-cigarette, sauces or others into blister plate or board.

• 15-200 Bottles/min
• Lower Cost and User-friendly
• Automatic Rejection System

Automatic Counting Machine

Automatic Counting Machine is suitable for various different capabilities, including capsules, tablets, gummys.

• Max 450 cartons/min
• Save Cost without Wasting Materials
• Overloaded Protective system

Cartoning Machine

Cartoning machine guaranteed for life, can unfold the box and fill it with bottles, sachets, and blister plates.

• Lower Labor Costs
• Versiatile Option and Combination
• Boost Workplace Automation

Pharmaceutical Packaging Lines

Efficient machines and primary & secondary packaging integrated lines can customize for your needs.

Flexible Turnkey Solution & On-site Support

Overwhelmed by multiple choices in the market and don’t know where to start? We can assist you from selecting the suitable machine to on-site training and installation service.

Machine recommendation based on ingredient & budget

Unique layout for your workshop area

Customized automatic machine / production line

Free repairment within 3 years and free spare parts within 1 years

Technical Support for Life-time

To ensure premium performance during the machine’s expected life time, we promise a complete aftersale service to keep your business running hassle-free.

Technical documents and videos in details

On-site technical training, installation and commissioning

Remote technical support through video or telephone call

Fast dies customization and delivery

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The whole production process is under your control with video feedback.

3. Inspection

Except for our routine inspection, you are welcome to review the machine in person or by a third party agency.

4. Shipment

One-stop delivering service with customs declaration, clearance, freight forwarding.

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To guarantee quality, our machines are built with imported parts from global leader industry brands.

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Focusing on the continuous development and optimization of pharmaceutical packing machine, Rich Packing has been certified by the international quality standards and gained the favor from many companies over 70 countries and regions, such as the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia.

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