Automatic Counting Machine

Except for just simply counting and filling tablets and capsules into bottles, RuidaPacking’s automatic counting machine is equipped with working sections and technologies to ensure a smooth and efficient production process.

Sorting Bottles
Organizing all the bottles for the preparation of filling.
Filling Ingredients
Filling all the materials into the counting machine.
Lining up in channels. Capsule, tablet or gummy can be counted and filled up to 9000 bottle/h.
Injecting Pills
Injecting pills into bottle with patent technology without shortage.
Waste Clearing
Clearing those defective bottles.
Tablet Counting Machine-Siemens PLC
Tablet Counting Machine-Siemens PLC
Multistage Vibration Design
Multistage Vibration Design
Pneumatic Filling
Pneumatic Filling

Counting Machine Specialists keep your business prosperous

In addition to delivering quality machines, a satisfied support and service for our customers is one of our main priorities.

Test Makes Perfect

You are welcome to ship the ingredient for trial through the machine. Video and pictures will be provided to help you confirm the details of the machine and mold.

Medical Grade Materials

Manufactured strictly with medical grade 316L stainless steel according to GMP standard. With its outstanding corrosion resistance, the machine remains durable for routine disinfection.

Complete Machine Types

No matter what processing and packaging solution of oral medication you need, various related machines with different production capacities can be provided and customized.

Fast Delivery in 7 Days

95% of our standard machines are in stock. In such case, the shipping can arrive within 7 days. As for in-depth customized products according to your needs, it is only 20 days for delivery.

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An Helping Hands for Packing Your Products

We are committed to manufacture machines with superior quality to meet GMP standards while with efficient and utility features.
Efficient without Stuck Pill
50% faster than similar models from other manufacturers and the pill won’t stuck with pneumatically filling design.
Pill Protection
The counting machine won’t damage your pills in the process, which reduces the material waste and inspection labor costs.
Stable around Dust
Our dust-resistant counting machines can still operate as usual and maintain an efficient performance in a dusty condition.
Automatic Rejection Stystem
With non-compliant capsules or tablets, the whole bottle will be automatically sorted out to the side.

Fully Automatic Counting Line

Intended to operate completely from unscrambling the bottle to labeling a sticker on it, the automatic counting line is designed to help you get your capsules or tablets in a bottle that includes everything you need without hassle. It is afforadable and suitable for a wide range of tablet sizes.


Automatic Counting Machine is suitable for various different capabilities, including capsules, tablets, gummys.

Wider Application:
Gummy, Candy…

Instead of only available for the tablet or capsules, our counting machine with special technologies can also capable of counting and filling nutrition supplements, such as vitamins, and even sticky gummy. It can extend more possibilities for your business.
CGNL-300 Semi Automatic Liquid Capsule Filling Machine-2
Fast dies customization and delivery.

Test Makes Perfect

Detailed Inspection Through Every Sections Of Our Process. Video and pictures will be provided to help you confirm the details of the machine and mold.

DPP-260S Liquid Blister Packing Machine-4
95% of our standard machines are in stock.
Overwhelmed by multiple choices in the market and don’t know where to start? We can assist you from selecting the suitable machine to on-site training and installation service.

Machine recommendation based on ingredient & budget

Customized automatic machine / production line

Free repairment within 3 years and free spare parts within 1 years

To ensure premium performance during the machine’s expected life time, we promise a complete aftersale service to keep your business running hassle-free.

Technical documents and videos in details

On-site technical training, installation and commissioning

Remote technical support through video or telephone call

播放有关的视频 Multistage Vibration Design

Recognized Since 1993

Focusing on the continuous development and optimization of pharmaceutical and packing machine, Ruida Packing has been certified by the international quality standards and gained the favor from many companies over 70 countries and regions, such as the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia.

NJPL-300C Automatic Liquid Capsule Filling Machine-4
ZP-29D Rotary Tablet Press Machine-4
DPP-90R Blister Packing Machine-4
ZP-26D High Speed Rotary Tablet Press Machine-4
DPP-260R Blister Packing Machine-4

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